About Us

Gagan Malik Foundation is a non-profit organisation that runs programmes on a local, national, and international level. It offers a Buddhist and social activism training programme. Our goal is to encourage people of all caste groups, creeds, genders, cultures, religions, and places of birth to realise their full potential as human beings, as exemplified by the Buddha and other great human beings and wise men, through practices that promote that development, such as systematic cultivation of wisdom, morality, compassion, meditation, loving-kindness, and other such

Our Objectives

  • To promote knowledge for the benefit, happiness, peace, and multipurpose development of all people, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds.
  • To provide, organize and support service centres for helping/volunteering in any type of natural disasters, act of god affecting any.
  • To provide, guide, educate and to create health awareness programs and to make, develop, build, promote Health Care Centre for the underprivileged public.
  • Promote, support, and carry out Buddhist studies, Pali, Sanskrit, foreign language studies and courses, Indian and world culture studies and research.
  • To provide educational support as well as research on academic courses to poor students belonging to economically disadvantaged, child labourers, disabled, orphans, semi orphans.
  • Foster the use of local and indigenous knowledge as a key resource for empowering communities to combat marginalization, poverty and impoverishment.
  • To support, contribute and participate in Central and State Governmental utility projects for public at large, to empower youth and provide vocational/skill development trainings for sustainable livelihoods.
  • To promote directly or indirectly, social service activities aimed at improving socially, economically and educationally the living conditions.
  • To help/serve the under-developed people of the society and enable them to acquire skills for employment, eradicating poverty, hunger, ensuring healthy lives, wellbeing, equitable quality education, gender equality, availability of clean water, sanitation, sustainable & modern energy by promoting education, training, seminars.
  • To organise residential training programmes for social workers in the fields of health and education, particularly those who work in slums and rural areas.
  • To accept funds through collection, donation or subscription and other means from firms, entities, body corporate, individual, organization etc.
  • To promote physical and mental health through martial arts, yoga, physical discipline, meditation, mind culture, and other means.